Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Republicans yawn, as dozens speak out against Voter ID, and the hypocrites against a recount now want Dane County.

With so many turning out to speak out against the Republican legislatures push to pass a strict voter ID bill, you would think they would give a little, or shelve it for another time. But apparently, WE'RE NOT them.

This is a done deal. They already know what they want, and are just going through the motions. Despite not including the state university issued ID in the bill, which is outright crazy, you can kind of see where this whole thing is going.  
WKOW: Dozens turned out to the Capitol Wednesday to voice their concerns over legislation that would require voters to show ID at the polls.

What a bunch of hypocrites! After listening all week to conservative talk radio hosts whine that they wouldn’t have called for a Supreme Court recount, believing that it was an honest mistake in Waukesha, the story has now changed. Amazing.
jsonline: The Republican National Lawyers Association, which blasted the recount requested by Kloppenburg (has now) called instead for an investigation into “potentially massive fraud that occurred in Dane County.” 
The group alleged that, “In some precincts in the liberal City of Madison of Dane County, as many as 40% of voters only voted for judge – an extremely high number that is not seen even in Presidential election years.” E-mailers and bloggers have also alleged that more than 10,000 people in Dane County implausibly voted only in the judicial race and in no other contest on the ballot. Some have described these as “over-votes” or an “over-count.”    
On closer inspection, the claims about Dane County discrepancies and “over-votes” appear to be either flatly wrong or wildly exaggerated. Does this mean that 10,691 people in Dane County voted “only” in the court race, as some have claimed?   
Actually, no.  Some people who voted for Supreme Court but skipped the county executive race could have voted in the Madison mayor’s race or other contests on the ballot. Nor do we know how many of those court-only voters voted for Kloppenburg and how many voted for her opponent, Justice David Prosser. 

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