Thursday, April 28, 2011

Turn EMS over to for profit ambulance companies?

Every party has a court jester, even the Democrats. Our party straddling ConservaDems have also bought into the privatization hoodoo. It's so unfair to deny a profit made from accident victims in our society.
A Milwaukee alderman called Thursday for studying a major overhaul of the city's Fire Department, including the prospects for hiring private companies to deliver both emergency medical service and fire service, or consolidating operations with the suburbs and county. 
"We're living with a 1970s solution for how we provide fire protection," Ald. Terry Witkowski said at a City Hall news conference. 
He said the city needs to find a way to provide "the same level of service, the same degree of safety, but at lower cost." Asked whether he had discussed the study with the firefighters' union, Witkowski said he had learned the quickest way to kill one of your own ideas was to "go to the enemy first." 
He questioned whether the city's four ambulance companies could provide the same emergency medical service at a lower cost.

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