Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So what is the Media and Republican spinmeisters saying now; Citizens Protesting their government is TOO Expensive?

The question is; are we living in a time when American political participation is just too expensive?

Hey, it costs money to police and maintain government facilities after voter discontent takes the form of large friendly crowds addressing their elected public servants.

So how bad am I supposed to feel when the bill comes in? The Journal Sentinel seems to want to tell us;
The state Department of Administration is still tallying up the expenses run up by law enforcement agencies and other departments during the weeks of protests at the Capitol.
There were hundreds of law enforcement officers on duty inside and outside the building. The cost of policing is already in the millions of dollars.
A DOA spokeswoman said the agency was working on final expenses related to food … $2 million to provide miscellaneous services, including food, to county and municipal law enforcement and support staff. 
Providing ear buds for officers' radios because of all the noise inside the Capitol.
A health-care provider was brought in for on-site health checks for officers who worked long periods of time.
The second contract was with a private security agency to provide security for the parking lots where police officers parked their vehicles while they were at the Capitol. That contract was worth as much as $98,784. 
Separately, the state Department of Natural Resources, which also provided officers and wardens to the Capitol, has submitted its bill for salaries and expenses … the total cost for its officers and staff was $351,130.
The DOA isn’t done yet. It should be interesting to see the final bill, knowing how accurate they were when they estimated the cost for sign removal and tape damage to the Capitol to be an incredible $7.5 million dollars. 

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