Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short Sighted Republicans again Sabotage Job Creation with Cuts to Patent Office. China is doing just the opposite!!

President Obama wanted to increase funding to the Patent Office, which would have spurred on the “job creators.” But tea party Republicans made sure that didn’t happen, with their typically short sighted fiscal policy, and talking point driven agenda.
A series of Continuing Resolutions that funded the government on a limited basis … was ultimately signed into law.  When the dust had settled the United States Patent and Trademark Office (lost) $100 million.  That lead to the Office … announcing severe austerity measures. Washington's policy-makers appear oblivious to the importance of intellectual property and the historical role that the patent system plays in the nation's economy. 
jsonline: "There is no great surprise why we are having a jobless recovery," said Eugene Quinn, a Washington, D.C.-area patent attorney and author of the IPWatchdog.com blog. 
Agency director David Kappos has warn(ed) that the congressional action will cause a "catastrophic" setback for American innovation, competitiveness and job creation. 
Paul Michel, a retired chief justice that handles patent cases noted that small companies and start-ups create the bulk of new jobs in the U.S. economy, and those are the entities hardest hit by a dysfunctional patent office. Michel said, "they are holding back new companies, new technologies and new jobs." 
While Beijing invests heavily in China's patent system … Congress effectively has helped itself to funds that belong to garage entrepreneurs, start-ups and inventors, Michel said Monday … now has a backlog of more than 1.2 million applications awaiting a final decision - nearly tripled from about 10 years ago. 

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