Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prior to the Supreme Court race, Tea Party Republicans were setting up a STOLEN ELECTION.

This is old news now, but as you can see, the tea party and state Republicans were setting up what they would call the biggest election swindle ever.
Newsmax: The Tea Party website, meanwhile, accuses Big Labor of trying to “hijack the election” by pouring millions into the race. 
Those villainess “out-of-staters” Gov. Scott Walker and Scott Fitzgerald keep warning us about are now working for their side?
Levi Russell, a spokesman for Tea Party Express, says the organization has its members throughout the nation calling into voters in Wisconsin in a bid to sway the outcome. The organization also is airing TV ads throughout the state. 
Oh boy I hate those out of staters interfering with Wisconsin politics. Uhh…“Throughout the nation” tea party organizations were trying to “sway the outcome” of OUR Supreme Court race. By the way, those were “grass-roots” conservatives, again, from other states. But you would never hear anyone, even Newsmax, suggest "swinging the race"...uh oh....
Asked whether grass-roots conservatives could swing the race, Russell told Newsmax: “I don’t know. The anger and the vitriol on the left is very thick. They’re very serious and they have been galvanized in this effort for a lot longer than the right has been pushing back on it. So it makes me nervous."

Russell appears disappointed the Democrats did not go along peacefully with their agenda. To the tea party, anger and vitriol is only reserved for picked on conservatives.

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