Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breitbart: "Go to Hell." The "Paid" Palin Protest for America's Freedom? That's the Price of Freedom?

The class warfare hypocrites turned up on buses this morning to attend the paid appearance protest of the tea party, proudly sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers corporate front group. Hell, the speakers appeared at a podium that had a sign reading, and I kid you not, "I am AFP."

Here's a short clip of John Fund, who claimed the Milwaukee police just released a 2008 investigation of voter fraud that pretty much stole the presidential election, and Andrew Breitbart, the crackpot right wing supporter of video manipulator James O'Keefe. See his coverage here.

In a message heard around the world, Breitbart told the "rude" crowd of labor supporting protesters, protesting his protest:
Brietbart: "You have no right to lecture us on our language. Your Koch suckers business. Go to hell. No serious, go to hell, go to hell. You've been so rude. You're trying to divide America." 
As pointed out by one viewer, Fund actually messes up saying Waukesha, and says Walkersha County, at the 2 minute mark. Amazing.

I also made this short video when I was down there. It was amazing for me to hear Vicki McKenna telling the anti-Walker protesters, protesting them, to "shut up" a couple of times. It of course drew cheers by the Walker authoritarian supporters, who would love to silence any and all opposition. After all, "they won."

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