Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sen. Glenn Grothman proposes "Jobs for White Guys only" amendment to the state constitution. Won't Tolerate "a few angry feminists."

In a bid to energize the staunch racist, bigoted base of the Republican Party in Wisconsin: Republicans Senator Glenn Grothman and Representative Gary Tauchen announced they are reintroducing a constitutional amendment to ban preferential treatment on the basis of race, sex, and national origin.
The "Jobs for White Guys Only" amendment is in response to the Democrats...
"resurrect(ing) the Minority Business Grants and Loans Program on a straight party-line vote. The divisive program provides grants and loans to people based on their ancestry…(and) the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority to distribute federal tax credits based on minority and gender status.
Grothman's thoughtful "Archiebunkerisms" include:

“These bills tear at the very fabric of our culture … the Democrats will turn America into a country like Iraq, India, or Africa where elections are contests between ethnic groups."
Grothman's tireless representation of oppressed white guys is only one part of this intriguing multi-faceted illiberal. Not only does Grothman not see ethnic color in this post racial society, but his 60's battle with feminism is still raging:

The pandering to radical women’s groups is even worse,” said Grothman. “Even women are getting mad that their husbands and sons are being discriminated against because of a few angry feminists.”
Remember the good old days when women were shut out of the jobs market, or paid really low wages, so they couldn't compete with men in the work place? And if after all this you're still unclear about Grothman's Aryan advocacy, his co-sponsor of the amendment to the state constitution might just clear that up for you:

“Affirmative Action must be reversed for Wisconsin to stay competitive in the global marketplace,” said Tauchen. “Businesses need the best person available for the job regardless of the color of their skin, ancestry, or sex.”
Give 'em a break. Can they help it there are so many more white guys out there?

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