Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wisconsin's Democratic Governor Lowered taxes for people and businesses. Luckily it Won't Affect GOP Campaign of Lies.

Republicans have had to put up with a "tax and spend" liberal governor for nearly a whole decade. So what has Governor Jim Doyle done to improve life in this "anti-business" tax hell?

Enough to force the GOP to come up with lies, stereotypes, liberal caricatures, red herrings and black helicopters in their race for the governorship. What will they say now?

Wisconsin’s state and local tax ranking has dropped to its lowest level since 1961, according to an annual report released today by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Wisconsin ranks 15th among the states as measured by taxes per $1,000 personal income and ranks 21st on a per capita basis - the lowest since Wisconsin adopted the general sales tax. Wisconsin’s rankings are their lowest in nearly 50 years and have improved for six consecutive years, unprecedented in state history, the report stated.
When considering all revenue sources, Wisconsin ranks 24th per $1,000 personal income and 25th per capita.

“Gov. Doyle held the line on taxes and provided tax cuts that will total $3.7 billion for businesses, middle class families and senior citizens. The governor lowered our state’s tax rankings while providing for priorities like education, health care and economic development.”
It will be interesting to see how the Republican candidates work around this extraordinary news. Oh god it must be killing them right now. But it gets worse...
In addition, a recently released Ernst and Young study prepared for the Council on State Taxation shows Wisconsin’s business tax ranking now ranks 30th – well below the national average.

Fear not, Republicans will just ignore the new findings, lie and count on the media to never ask about it. They know their low information voters won't be the wiser either, or more likely, won't believe a word of it the liberal press.

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