Monday, April 19, 2010

Gun Madness! Armed Americans United, say NRA not "battling hard enough for their rights."

Just how crazy dangerous have the anti-Obama protesters got in the last year and a half? Check out the anger level among gun owners and open carry advocates now that we have a black liberal president. For them, the NRA isn't trying hard enough against the forces of socialism!

WSJ: Some gun owners, saying that the National Rifle Association isn't battling hard enough for their rights, are taking the fight into their own hands. "More and more the gun-rights movement is moving toward a stand-up-and-shout approach," said Jeff Knox, director of the Firearms Coalition, a for-profit, loose-knit coalition of activists. "There's a lot of general frustration with NRA not taking a hard enough line."

Gary Marbut, a life member of the NRA and president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, an NRA affiliate (said) "The NRA is running the risk of becoming insignificant, of fading into the background."
What did the NRA do that made them so irrelevant?

Dudley Brown, executive director of the National Association for Gun Rights, said … the NRA had been too quick to compromise with gun-control advocates. He pointed to the association's endorsement of a law to check mental-health records in background checks for gun purchases following the killing of 32 people in 2007 by a suicidal gunman at Virginia Tech.
Even the "timid" NRA is taking a wait and see attitude with the angry mod like open carry protest in D.C.

The NRA hasn't endorsed the campaign, which it fears may divert attention from its goal of expanding rights to carry concealed weapons for self-defense, or trigger a backlash against guns.
In a not too distant future, a simple heated political discussion will be a thing of the past. Think about it; Who's going to want to go for the win against a pissed off guy carrying a gun. Let's face it, the country is unwinding around the second amendment and a flimsy interpretation of the tenth.

I believe the Daily Show took an indepth look at this issue:

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