Friday, April 23, 2010

Democrats fail to Usher in New Green Economy, While Energy Rate Increases Continue Anyway.

Green energy will raise consumer utility bills and kill jobs. That's what the Republicans are saying. To be fair, a few Kool-aid drinking Democrats have also fallen for the often times repeated "theory," thinking there must be something to it if everyone is saying it.
Jsonline: Milwaukee Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett took aim at lawmakers for failing to pass a bill to regulate carbon emissions and boost the use of renewable energy … said he wants assurances that any bill would not lead to sharply high electric bills and he wanted to make sure that jobs would not be imperiled. A major sticking point is a disagreement over whether using more renewable forms of power like wind and solar will create or kill jobs.
So imagine my surprise when I read the next morning, right after the green energy bill failed to pass, that MG&E had just requested an increase energy rates.

Wisconsin State Journal: Madison Gas & Electric is asking state regulators for permission to raise its rates in 2011 … electric rates would increase 9.4 percent … In January, the Madison utility company raised electric rates an average of $2.25 a month, or 3.5 percent … the additional money will help pay startup costs for the new coal-fired Oak Creek power plant.
That would be a double digit increase in rates since January, if the increase is approved. Instead of green renewable energy, consumers will be paying extra to bring a COAL plant online.

And as I have previously documented, the GOP obsession with nuke power plants will also see dramatic increases in utility bills for consumers, meaning bills are going to up no matter what.

So why not go green, make our own energy, and sell any surpluses to out of state customers? Ask the Republicans and business lobby why they want to put us at a major disadvantage in the early race to usher in the new green economy. And if anyone dares challenge their doom and gloom scenarios with actual research, they are quick to hire special interests to offer up a counter study saying just the opposite.
A new study by the Public Service Commission said the legislation would reduce energy costs in Wisconsin by $1.4 billion over 15 years. Supporters of the legislation also argue that greater use of renewable electricity would keep dollars in the state.

Manufacturing groups and Assembly Republicans have projected the cost of the legislation to be $15 billion.
That's that. Spokesperson and incompetent gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker issued the following statement:
“Mayor Barrett talks an awful lot about jobs, but his continued support for radical ideas about environmental policy will kill jobs. The global warming policies … will lead to double digit increases in utility bills and worse yet, the loss of thousands of jobs for Wisconsin families.”

It must be so then. Go coal.

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