Monday, April 5, 2010

Sen. Glenn Grothman's Fantasy World of Voter Fraud & Uninformed Lazy (black) Voters.

Why the Republican Party in Wisconsin allows State Sen. Glenn Grothman to spill the beans on their now "out there for everyone to see" racist, anti-liberal opposition to election reform, is a mystery to me. Maybe their sharp-as-a-tack conservative voters aren't getting the subtleties of their once reliable coded language.

In the face of contradictory election statistics and arrest/conviction records, Grothman manufactures a long list of "possible" issues of fraud if election reform becomes law. Oddly, Grothman is most concerned with "liberal" university campuses, uniformed lazy voters and those coercive families and friends who force people to fill out absentee ballots in favor of liberal politicians against their will.

Never losing sight of Republican "projection" (a defense mechanism by which their own traits and emotions are attributed to someone else (voters)), Grothman imagines the following horrors;
The wrong people might vote, people being coached to vote, not knowing if the right people are filling our absentee ballots, making it easier for the liberal college students to vote, claiming to be someone you're not at the polls, the reform law is to big-72 pages, reform is moving too fast, "anacdotal evidence" and the time when students admitted they we're kidding when they told people they voted more than once.
I'd like to remind Glenn who was actually convicted of real Election fraud, 8 high ranking Republican election officials. Below is the audio appearance Glenn made on WPR's Joy Cardin show:

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