Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Google Ignores Their Popular Blogger Site like an Absentee Landlord. Exodus Starts...

While Googles "blogspot.com" experiences more technical problems brought on by recent updates to it functionality, bloggers who have their own tech problems cannot easily report those problems and are instead sent to forums to basically talk amongst themselves.

For example, a problem I've had since mid-January involves video uploads that no longer feature a thumbnail picture in the frame to create visual interest. Instead, the reader is presented with a black box. Is it on Googles radar to fix?


Like so many others who have appreciated the ease of creating blogs and the free space to do our thing, many are reluctant to say anything. Myself included. But the time for blog sites to appear dotted with big black holes is long past.

Some of us who are professionals want our blogs to reflect that. Like one forum user wrote recently:
My blog is fairly new and I find their lack of response to this issue massively irritating. I've already got a lot of time and energy invested in my blog, and I've done a lot to promote it. But using another blogservice sooner, rather than later, will really minimize the damage. What a drag! Good luck to all of you, whether you decide to move your blog or keep putting up with this.

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  1. It really sucks to have to muddle through things with an absentee landlord. I hope it all works out!