Thursday, April 8, 2010

Decoding Candidate Mark Neumann's Message to Angry White Guys....

Did you notice the veiled racism and sexism in Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann's ad?

Mark Neumann says in his radio ad a number of times:
"Nancy Pelosi and Barck Obama just forced a health care plan on's not enough for us conservatives to say we're against the Obama/Pelosi plan...we're challenging the constitutionality of the Obama/Pelosi health care plan..."

Or put another way: "Hey angry white don't want a (black) president and (woman) House majority leader to tell you to buy health insurance, do you?"

What Neumann doesn't want to say is that we also have a (white) male majority leader in the senate. His name is Sen. Harry Reid. In fact, Health care reform is the senate bill with tweaks, and has more to do with Reid than either Obama or Pelosi.

But that's not the point in Neumann's ad below:

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