Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Feingold’s Obamacare? Republican Wall Afraid too Many People will Seek Doctors, creating demand for more Physicians. Not that!

Millionaire senate candidate Terrence Wall wants to ration health care with high prices and pre-existing conditions, by keeping the status quo in place, in an effort to prevent waiting lists for primary care doctors. That's right, there's a new influx of customers seeking primary care doctors due to health care reform. That's a bad thing?

The solution for Wall is to keep people away from the doctors so there won't be lines or a shortage. No, really, that's his plan.

Usually when there is a shortage of any kind in the market, they call it demand Mr. Wall, people are inclined to seek jobs in those areas. It's a basic business concept Mr. Wall. The problem with doctors not taking new patients is nothing new, and not caused by "Obamacare," as Wall would have you believe:

Doctors say there won’t be enough physicians to fulfill the mandates imposed in Obamacare … Senator Feingold’s take-over must be repealed, refunded and replaced. The Campaign Manager for Terrence Wall, Ryan Murray, says “It doesn’t help anyone to have government mandated insurance if you can’t use it anywhere.” A recent story in the Cincinnati Business Journal reports “There are simply not enough primary-care providers available to take care of all these newly insured individuals.”

So Wall's solution is to keep people from getting a doctor? First, most of these newly insured people are seeking these doctors to interview them, they aren't sick and needing immediate care. I just went through this process myself when my doctor retired (last summer, before Obamacare).

Let me repeat the concept of supply and demand for Terrance Wall again: Doctor shortages will create a rush to fill the demand. I think that's what the Business Courier of Cincinnati was getting at when they wrote, “Greater Cincinnati’s primary-care shortage about to get worse.”

Open the flood gates for the young new doctors.

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