Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Are Republicans Moving to far Right? Sure, and they're leaving.

What's interesting about this story is the growing divide between the old guard Republicans and younger, smarter college educated conservatives. It's a huge relief to have this liberals rantings confirmed by the subject of the following story from Bloggingblue:
From the files of “The Republican Party is definitely veering far, far to the right” comes the story of Lora Rae Anderson, the outgoing Chair of the Wisconsin College Republicans.

In a press release issued on April 27, Anderson outlined her discontent with the direction of the Republican Party, noting that in 2008, the Republican Party was happy to announce that they had passed their “most conservative platform ever.” Anderson went on to note:

This might be appealing to current members of the Republican Party but is not appealing to the vast majority of moderate Americans. “The Republican Party is alienating a younger, more progressive generation through its new ‘conservative platform’ which ignores issues such as gay marriage. Marriage, at least as the law would put it, is a civil right. Allowing those people who want to get married to be married is consistent with the Republican Party’s ‘government hand’s off’ platform. This is an area where most College Republicans agree, but for one reason or another, stay quiet and don’t stand up to the older members of our party” said Anderson.

There's even more great stuff HERE.

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  1. The risk the GOP runs is that they'll become a regional party. They can't continue to alienate moderates and young people if they want to remain viable as a national party.