Thursday, April 22, 2010

The High Cost of Building Nuke Plants Okay, High Cost of Green Energy- not Okay.

It's driving me crazy! Wisconsin is about to forgo the Clean Energy Jobs Act while still controlling the legislature and governors office. Many Democrats are buying into the Republican argument that energy prices will skyrocket to consumers and businesses if the state invests in the next generation of green energy standards. A "jobs killer."

Wouldn't it be much easy to build nuke plants instead?
Jsonline: Assembly Democrats acknowledge they're reluctant to take a difficult vote on the Clean Energy Jobs bill - Supporters say it would reduce energy costs by $1.4 billion over 15 years and spark the creation of green jobs; opponents say it would add $15 billion or more in new costs. Although many business groups are opposed to the bill, clean-energy businesses such as Johnson Controls and wind power developers and utilities continued to urge support for the bill.

Milwaukee-based We Energies said it supported the bill after Rep. Spencer Black agreed to introduce an amendment incorporating the utility's proposed changes … language in earlier versions of the bill that would have stalled efforts to open the door to construction of new nuclear reactors in the state.
Why spend so much money on wind and solar, when all we have to do is build nuke plants? As we all know, nuke plants are cheap to build, right? Rate payers will thank the GOP for saving them from huge rate hikes.

Not so fast. From a previous post:

AP - "During these difficult times, the American people don't want a national energy tax out of Washington, D.C.," said Indiana Rep. Mike Pence. Republicans on Saturday slammed a Democratic bill before the House that seeks to address climate change, arguing that it amounts to an energy tax on consumers. AP May 3, 2009- A wave of new reactors now in the works is intended to solve at least part of the nation’s energy problems … But cost is likely to plague every upcoming nuclear project.

In Missouri, the first of the next generation of reactors recently was put on hold because of the $6 billion price tag. Some states have altered laws so consumers begin footing the bill now, even before construction begins.

Construction will undoubtedly play out on your utility bill. Residential electricity rates would have risen (in Missouri) 1 to 3 percent annually for customers, up to 12.5 percent during construction.
Sounds like an energy tax to me. A really, really big one. Are Republicans unaware of the rate payer costs? Yes. Are they opposed to government intervention? NO.

Republicans … want more government funding for nuclear power. In a weekly radio address, Sen. Lamar Alexander said the U.S. should build 100 more nuclear plants rather than spend “billions in subsidies” for renewable energy.”
Alexander wants U.S. taxpayers to pay for nuke plants, but not green energy? Never mind the cost to taxpayers of insuring every nuke plant, since private insurers won’t touch them.

When will the public learn that the Republicans are still barreling down the road of fiscal mismanagement?

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