Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conservative MacIver Institute: "Heatlh Insurance isn't about providing health care."

On WHA's Joy Cardin Show the other day, this entertaining "left" vs "right" exchange took place on health care reform. One Wisconsin Now's Scot Ross and the wingnut MacIver Institute's Brian Fraley went at it on the role insurers have in health care and young adult coverage.

Notice how easy it is to expose the conservatives cruel agenda for America, when they're forced to say just what they would do to turn this country into a Dickensian nightmare.

Brian Fraley: "Health insurance isn't about providing health care, auto insurance isn't about fixing your car. It's about having money available for you to do this."

Scot Ross: I'd like to have Brian go on ad infinitum, about how the health insurance industry isn't about providing us care. Go ahead, go nuts."
Or this little chestnut taking aim at the comfort families now feel, knowing their kids are still covered by their insurance policy when their off at college or out on their own. It seems so "ridiculous" and "farcical."

Brian Fraley: "Do you realize how ridiculous it is that you're creating a dependency for individual "adults" until they're 26 to be taken care of by their parents? I mean, that's farcical on its face. Now Wisconsin already had that mandate to 25 I believe, which was a joke unto itself.

So if you're an employer, you not only have to cover the family living in the house of your employee, but you have to cover their "adult children" up to the age of 26, regardless of where they live, regardless of the coverage they have."

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