Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Walker Thug, in Brookfield this time, Attacks Recall Petitioners with Cliche's and Physical Force.

It seems the media coverage of the continued attacks on recall petitioners, and our democratic process, by Walker thugs isn't stopping these crackpots. Nothing seems more anti-American than their contempt for the Constitution's First Amendment and right of the people to petition their government.

Most bloggers have been hesitant to compare their tactics to Germany in the 30's, or other despotic regimes around the world, but that's just where we're headed. Remember, we're just 11 months into the Walker dictatorship, and his army of thugs are determined to make his stay a long one, with strong armed tactics and personal threats. Hell, now these brownshirts can carry guns to make their point.

Watch this 59 year old man assume petitioners are freeloading off of him. The funny thing is, those who don't want to pay taxes, or their fair share, are the real freeloaders. Projection? Yup.

Brookfield Patch: Saturday a Brookfield man was cited with non-criminal disorderly conduct for allegedly grabbing a camera from a recall petitioner during a heated argument, according to police reports.

The camera owner caught some of the exchange on video, which he gave to police, the reports said. Brookfield police were called to Brookfield Fashion Center, 17000 W. Blue Mound Rd., about 10:30 a.m. Saturday. According to police reports:

A Waukesha man said a man approached two recall petitioners, swore at them and grabbed the Waukesha man's video camera, acting like he was going to throw it, before shoving it back. He then drove off in a pickup truck.
Recall petitioners gave police the truck's license plate number. The truck's listed owner, a 59-year-old Brookfield man, told police he had "got fired up over the matter."
The Brookfield man could not be reached for comment Monday afternoon. He was given a citation that carries a maximum $492 penalty, with a Jan. 16 municipal court date.
One note; I can't muster any hatred for these political abusers, just pity and amazement at the way they're acting. They're Americans too, worked into a "sky is falling" frenzy, by their cruel and angry party of authoritarians. Here's WITI's Fox 6 coverage:

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