Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Republicans predict U.S. Business collapse after cleaning up or ending our dependence on deadly Coal.

Scott Walker's policies are already affecting Wisconsin's economy in a negative way. He and his Republican majority have done all they can to discourage alternate energy expansion like wind and solar. Forget about job creation and weening ourselves off outside energy dependence, we're now going to spend more money cleaning up our old supposed "cheap" energy. Doh! 
Wisconsin's power plants are already near the halfway point in reaching a national goal outlined Monday to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030, but the state's reliance on coal could still pose challenges to hit the target.
See what happens when some are lulled into complacency with pitiful tax cuts? 
jsonline: The Obama administration's biggest policy announcement to restrict carbon dioxide emissions since reaching an accord with car makers several years ago.
It's a bad thing for the economy that would kill 31,000 jobs? WKOW's Greg Neumann asked WMC's panicky guy, Scott Manley. Be afraid, be very afraid:

To get a feel for just how disingenuous the Republican argument is, with their doom and gloom predictions, check out the following edited segment from Rachel Maddow on all the previous false warnings predicting "the end" of American businesses. Great stuff:

Fact: About 1,000 coal miners die each year from black lung disease; 670,000 cases of coal related lung disease is diagnosed every year; Americans support regulating carbon/willing to pay a little more; the coal industry downsized jobs by half before regulations, to increase profits; and didn't they see this coming?

Here's Chris Hayes with a few more facts, along with the perspective of a coal miners son:

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