Thursday, June 26, 2014

Duffy argues against swapping Prisoners of War to Swift Boat Bergdahl.

Rep. Sean Duffy can't be serious. At Duffy's YouTube channel, this clueless former MTV star inadvertently made the best case yet why he needs to go.

Featured in a post at Cognitive Dissidence by Jeff Simpson, Duffy never looked more vacuous and out of his element. Duffy made it clear he is not a deep thinker. He's also not aware of when he's losing an argument. Duffy's questions and misguided contradictory statements about the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl swap were proven wrong over and over again by Mark Jacobson, a former adviser to Gen. McChrystal  and Patraeus.

Again, Duffy thought his "performance" in the video was a bragging point, an impressive show of concern over the swap and his grasp of foreign policy.

But Duffy's jaw dropping lack of depth on Bergdahl and prisoner swaps in general is not just scary, but should be a major concern in his district. What an amazing loser: