Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sen. Fitzgerald says GAB too partisan, should be made even more Partisan!

Conservatism has always been sold as “nonpartisan.” I’ve come across think tanks and pundits who, despite a long history of partisan positions, always describe themselves as being nonpartisan. That’s all part of selling conservatism as something utterly normal, and the way most Americans lean politically.

Let’s End the Lie Now:
All it took was a little arrogance and over confidence from Sen. Scott Fitzgerald to expose the truth.
The Headline and first two paragraphs of the paper version of the Wisconsin State Journal should have sent a shudder to voters of all persuasions.

AP reporter Scott Bauer originally wrote, with crystal clarity, before changing it to something murkier online:
“Republican Sneate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Monday the nonpartisan board that oversees elections in Wisconsin too often favors Democrats and needs to be reconstituted.

Fitzgerald also said perhaps the board should have a more partisan model like what previously existed.”
Precisely! Simple and to the point, Fitzgerald offers a glimpse into the thinking of conservatives everywhere; first, they’re never wrong and second, challenges are partisan attempts to question their authority.

Without a little self-criticism and possible voter backlash in the midterms, Republicans are settling in as rulers for the long term. For instance:
Assembly Speaker-elect Robin Vos will soon occupy two Capitol offices under a plan that will allow him to expand his staff to take over the speaker's office as well as the office currently used by Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder … taken over by a team doing policy work that will report to Vos.

Democrats said the changes risked taking Republicans back to a system that led to the 2001 caucus scandal, when staffers ostensibly hired by both parties for legislative research also engaged in campaign work … Suder also called the caucus comparison ridiculous, adding that the moves would "make communication easier."
Ridiculous? As ridiculous as providing oversight to millions of dollars in loans handed out by WEDC, and idea rejected by Republicans as ridiculous?

What angers me more than anything is the media fantasy that the Walker Authority will concentrate on job creation, while not pointing out the advancement of an unstoppable one party system of rule being instituted.

Could it happen? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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