Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Red State's Fraley backs Fitzgerald, Bashes GAB and Calls everyone Names.

Name calling is the Republican Party’s biggest weapon. It’s almost comical the way conservatives trash liberals for name calling, and then turn around and call them every name in the book.

Name calling=the truth, in conservative circles, that’s why they do it.

They're not really getting a pass on this either, because for many, they’re really come across as mean spirited and sore losers. Even when they win elections they’re angry that someone dared challenge their candidate in the first place. If they lose an election, it’s not their ideas that failed, its voter fraud and liberal judges that stopped voter ID.

So it is with great pleasure to offer my latest example of pure right wing lunacy (name calling=the truth), from Red State’s Brian Fraley (Diary). I've highlighted the name calling below. It's Fraley's pathetic attempt to distract from his empty accusations: 
Senator Scott Fitzgerald is onto something with his desire to reform the pathetically biased and secretive Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. Look no further than the reaction from Democrats who fear their sure thing panel of holier than thou retired judges may be on the chopping block. In the coming days look for the blowhard spokes clown of the state Democratic party and the self righteous lefties at One Wisconsin Now to offer similar breathless indignation.

The Wisconsin GAB, whose symbol bears and uncanny resemblance to that of the anarchists, has a brief and soiled history.
The following claim is untrue, and the GAB made that clear saying they would investigate any name questioned by the Walker campaign:
Consider the following: The GAB originally had no intention of scrutinizing and flagging and omitting obviously fake names from the recall petitions last year. Signatures from Adolph Hitler and Mickey mouse would be deemed valid and only stricken if challenged.  
Of course Mickey and Hitler would have to show up to get a ballot, but...As for the recall petition names being made available on a database, that was never the question. Fraley's link below shows a conservative video by the MacIver Institute, that trashes the GAB, not for the database, but for following the law and not letting tea party groups to get involved. Only the those being recalled can challenge and review the petitions. It's the law:
Similarly, they had no intention, originally, of creating an online database of those who foisted upon taxpayers the most expensive temper tantrum in state’s history.  
Fraley even criticizes the GAB for going after those who were committing voter intimidation with what are still, unsubstantiated claims:
This year, when presented with evidence of gross incompetence during the administration of the election in Racine, the GAB moved to crack down on…election observers. 
Fraley backs up his claims of voter fraud with terms like: "many voters may have" or "There are conflicting accounts." Love their standard of proof, don't you? 


Anonymous said...

Looks like Fitz and Vos are sending others to attack GAB's Kevin Kennedy. Could it be that WisGOP fear GAB's upcoming ruling that would disallow continuance of ALEC scholarships -- I mean BRIBES? Fitz and Vos are shaking in their boots. Hopefully, GAB will not only rule to disallow these bribes but will call for investigation by the DA for illegal lobbying of Wisconsin GOP legislators!

nonquixote said...

Were not the State Republicans thrilled that the state tax payers, rather than "Governor," Walker's (unlimited) recall campaign/defense fund, had to foot the costs of verifying the recall petitions?

Was the fact that anybody who signed a Walker recall petition was barred from participating in the verification process and taking advantage of that part-time employment too liberal and lefty a decision for them to handle?