Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Walker, Dismisses State Protesters for mythical out-of-state Influences, all the While attending Heritage Fund Raiser in Florida for out-of-state money, to aid 8 Republicans recall targets.

Calling Gov. Scott Walker a hypocrite is getting old for me. Many who hear it check out immediately.

But please, one more time, okay? Remember these backhanded swipes at hundreds of thousands of protesters statewide:

As the title clearly states, Scott Walker is trying to have it both ways:

WSJ: Gov. Scott Walker traveled to Florida last week at the invitation of a conservative public policy think tank. the Heritage Foundation"Newsmax, reported that Walker has launched a national fundraising tour in an effort to defend the eight Republican state senators facing recall elections and to drum up support for The FrontlineWisconsin website urges people to donate up to $8,000, or $1,000 for each state senator, to "send a message across America that the people we elect can take courageous votes and stand by their convictions." 
Again, the most overused word used to describe Scott Walker is...HYPOCRITICAL!!!

...because he is.

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Anonymous said...

An out of state canvasser, for the Republican party, who was working on the recall of Rep. Hansen, was arrested for theft: