Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Walker, Republican no tax pledge sinks existing road work for a total of 5 years.

Like I’ve always said, spending cuts will never be a substitute for budgeting. And now we’re about to pay dearly, wiping out any savings. Brilliant.

You see that road work up ahead, well it might be there for the next 6 years, along with the traffic tie ups and detours. I can’t imagine what they’re going to do with the snow at some of those sites.

Scott Walker wanted to borrow big time for transportation, which was bad enough, but “no tax” pledge Republican legislators ran out of money thanks to past and present tax cuts. Now many of the existing road construction sites will be delayed till 2021, believe it or not. jsonline:
The state Department of Transportation is delaying five major road projects because it doesn't have the money for the work under the state budget crafted by Gov. Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans in the Legislature.

The delays — including on some stretches that already have orange barrels on the road — could end up being longer because legislators for years have been unable to come up with ways to find new revenue for highways … will likely have a cascading effect that will push off work on future projects.
Tightwad Republicans will now run up the costs for taxpayers who though they could freeload for awhile.
The delays will cause the cost of the projects to rise because of inflation. Estimates of the added costs are expected in February. Work on the projects won't stop, but it will slow down.
The guy pushing a bill attacking civil service protections for Walker isn't to happy:
The delays surprised Sen. Roger Roth (R-Appleton), who told WHBY-AM this month he did not expect any delays on Highway 10/441 in the Fox Valley. The highway is being expanded and reconstructed between Highway 41 and Highway 47.

But the $482 million project is one of those the DOT is pushing back, putting off its completion until 2021. Construction began last year, so drivers will have to put up with road work on that stretch for at least seven years under the revised schedule.

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