Sunday, June 14, 2015

RNC's attack on Hillary to focus on the letter "H" You won't believe what they have planned for "C"

RNC Chair Reince Priebus has rediscovered the alphabet, and the 8th letter! He also plans to exploit its multiple uses against Hillary Clinton, whether it makes sense or not.

As you can see by the mob of similarly dressed Borg like GOP supporters, Hillary's symbolized “H” is the first letter of a lot of words…including hypocrite.

Because “hypocrite” is synonymous with the word Republican, it makes sense to try and rebrand it in time for the election. Yes, it’s all about marketing. And that's what Wisconsin embarrassment and huckster Priebus is all about.

Is Hillary really a renowned hypocrite?  Has she taken hypocrisy to such an extreme level that the RNC would print signs and organize photo op protests (remember, Republicans don’t protest) to get the message out?

Reince did offer one example of hypocrisy that will leave you scratching your head:
Staged much? A few lawbreakers crossed the
police tape barrier...
Hillary’s hypocrisy is unparalleled. Clinton has sent mixed signals, explicitly contradicted herself … On the economy, Clinton declared: “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.” But at campaign events she said she wants to be a “champion” for small businesses.
Ouch...but still not hypocritical. Hey it’s a word, a bad sounding word too.  Plus it’s a nice way to divert attention away from the idea that consumers drive the economy and job creation, not business. And small businesses can’t survive without first, consumers earning a decent wage, and second businesses having access to startup funding.
Hypocrisy…I don’t think so. But the alphabet campaign, starting with “H,” is so…so simple to understand.

The RNC lists issue after issue that miss more than hit Hillary for her position on trade. I share Hillary's hope that the TPP would be a ground breaking agreement for worker rights and the environment. But historically, these agreements have been a disaster. And Hillary's hesitations and hopes are listed right there on the RNC’s blog, which clearly shows she is not being hypocritical. She had been very wrong about other deals that show her corporate leanings (GOP positions) and will have to answer for them in her campaign. But that's not Priebus' point.

In fact, the RNC considers "not having a position" to be hypocritical as well. That would put every major GOP candidate for president ahead of Hillary in the number of "H"'s! Hyperbole could be another word.... 

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