Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dumb as Bricks??? House Republicans do away with Medicare panel trying to save money, and kill disease prevention program.

The party of “fiscal conservatives” keep proving day by day how big a lie that is. Their ruthless mean spirited attacks on people seeking healthier lives is sick too.  

The Republican House hates the Affordable Care Act so much that they're willing to throw away $7 billion eliminating a panel that never had a chance to existed in the first place:
AP: The House voted Tuesday to kill a federal panel that is supposed to find ways to curb Medicare spending … Members of the Independent Payment Advisory Board have never been appointed, and the panel has never recommended savings from Medicare. Republicans have long targeted the board anyway, saying it would ration care … Sarah Palin said the law would create "death panels" that could decide the care seniors would receive.
And just as bad, they did away with the actual prevention program designed to save even more lives and money:
Democratic support for repealing the board evaporated when Republicans decided to pay the $7 billion, 10-year cost of eliminating it by cutting $8 billion from the health care law's prevention and public health fund, which the GOP says wastes money. Democrats call the prevention program a valuable part of that law.
A waste of money, preventing the pain and suffering that comes from untreated illnesses, not to mention the sadness and devastation of losing a loved one due to a preventable death.  

I don’t know why they're trying to make life even more difficult than it already is, any guesses?

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