Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Devil has left the Lake? Will Walker or E. coli be the first to kill the park?

Scott Walker did what no state has been able to do without big problems; defund our state parks.

Walker, hell bent on cutting government, oddly went after one of the states biggest money makers, the parks. Now taxpayers, off the hook thanks to Walker, won't have any "skin in the game," and can leave our parks trashed.

As Walker's loosely run DNR looks on, Devil's Lake State Park had to close the north beach for a few days for high levels of E-coli. Thankfully...
WKOW: The North Shore Beach at Devil's Lake is back open. Wednesday and Thursday's samples were back within the "safe" zone. Following heavy rains earlier in the week, samples from the north shore beach showed E. coli levels...indicates recent sewage or animal waste contamination inside.
This has happened in the past, so I started checking into it, and found this little tidbit from The Progressive: Scott Walker's visit in 2011 for the 100th anniversary of the states largest park.
An hour before Walker spoke, about 80 protesters gathered at the entrance of the park and walked in a procession. When the procession arrived at the lake, more protesters joined in. There were about 200 protesters surrounding the 100 people who were seated in front of a podium, with the lake as a backdrop.

But it wasn’t a great backdrop for Walker because there were 12 boats— kayaks, canoes, a couple motorboats, and a large sailboat—in the water with signs that read: “Walker Smells Fishy,” “Walker Jump in the Lake,” “Civil Consternation Board,” “Walker Crimes Against Nature.”

When he was introduced, he got a big round of boos from the protesters and applause from those in the seats. He spoke for about fifteen minutes, blathering on about his time as a Boy Scout at Devil’s Lake … But when he was through, he got more shouts of “Shame” and someone from out in the lake yelled, “Take a hike, Walker.” And as he sped away, a protester yelled: “The devil has left the lake.” 

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