Monday, June 22, 2015

Really? Republicans praised for finally removing Confederate Flag?

It seems to me Democrats had been asking for the removal of the Confederate flag for decades. Now that 9 people were killed by a white racist with a gun and a Confederate flag, many Republicans are suddenly running for the exits trying not to look like the neo-confederates we know they really are inside.

These people aren't heroes. They aren't insightful. They aren't fooling anyone. They're not erasing their past rabid support of the Confederate battle flag, ever. They were forced into taking this position, and they should be embarrassed:


  1. It reminds me of Chris Rock routine where he asks. "Why do we reward people for doing what they're supposed to?"

    Do these people get a clean slate for all of the people of color they stepped on and abused for a few more votes, now that it's not so cool to stir up race hate post-Charleston? HELL NO

    Jake formerly of the LP

  2. That's the dumbocratic race baiting party Jake.

    You guys have it exactly backwards. And THAT is why we will lose this country for good. Because nobody thinks for themselves or questions anything. Everybody knows everything right?

    If enough people demand they remove the flag, then it should be considered. But the confederate flag is not a "racist" flag. Only libtards could come up with such a race baiting comment. I suppose you think the war between the states was fought over slavery too huh dumbass?