Sunday, June 14, 2015

Armored Vehicle Attack on Police Station devolving nation into chaos.

I had to do a google search just to find this big story.

Here's an interesting thought...


  1. Omg! How did all those guns not deter him? The same way no crazed gunman will ever be detered by any amount of open carry firearms, they arent going to conduct a rational cost/benefit analysis.

  2. How many of the armed police officers were injured or killed in this incident?

  3. I guess the term "false flag" has no meaning to you whatsoever? I'm sure you still think children died at Sandy Hook even though the FBI admitted it was only a drill and the same children that were supposedly killed sang in the superbowl halftime show 2 months later.

    WAKE UP YOU IGNORANT MORONS!!! You are being duped! Do some actual research and follow things through to their conclusion. Stop feeling with your hearts and start THINKING with your heads.

    MK Ultra, Operation Mockingbird, Project Paperclip. Ever heard of these? Agenda 21? They've been declassified for years now.