Friday, June 19, 2015

Arizona Teachers Flee State after Republicans passed laws not quite as bad as Wisconsin's.

Now that we have been brought down to southern state status by Scott Walker and his band of plundering pirates, we can expect to see what happened below soon, since we're about to make even bigger cuts to education than sorry Arizona. Especially longer term. See if any of this sounds familiar (can you say one-size-fits-all policy): 
WaPo: Why teachers are fleeing Arizona in droves: Over the last five years, thousands of teachers have left the state, according to a 2015 report by the Arizona Department of Education, with this past school year being possibly the worst. Low pay, insufficient classroom resources and so many testing requirements and teaching guidelines that educators feel they have no instructional time and flexibility in their own classrooms, educators say.

Arizona is near the bottom of a state list of spending per student, $7,208, with the average per pupil spending around the country being $10,700. But it is near the top of a list of states in getting public education revenue from the federal government.

Fewer Arizona residents want to become teachers, and that the force of veteran teachers is shrinking. In 1987-1988, the “most common” teacher had 15 years of experience; by 2011-2012, 5 years of experience; In 2013-14, 29 percent of Arizona’s teachers had 3 or less years of experience, and  24 percent of first-year teachers and 20 percent of second-year teachers left their positions and were not reported as teaching in the state.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and the Arizona legislature have moved to end all state funding for two of the largest (community colleges) in the state. It also reported that Arizona “ranks first in the country in steep cuts to higher education budgets.” The Legislature recently passed a 2016 budget that slashed $99 million.

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  1. It is already happening and has been for five years.