Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No Bold Leadership or Solutions: Walker to let the Affordable Care Act crash and burn, taking Wisconsinites with it.

We've all seen movies where the captain of a ship, or the pilot of an airliner, gets knocked out right? That's when some courageous individual steps up and lands the plane or steers ship to safety. It's a lesson in human nature, and proof there are heroes born every day.

That does not describe Scott Walker, the guy who never lets us forget he's a bold leader. 184,000 Wisconsinites will lose their insurance if the Supreme Court eliminates the Affordable Care Acts tax subsidies. Walker won't be there to right that ship or land that plane safely.

Instead, Walker will stand by and watch the accident, and blame the victims in the wreckage for being on board.

In this revealing sick editorial posted at CNN, Walker's vindictive nature surfaces for everyone to see. To start, Walker might accuse Obama of having plenty of advance notice, but ironically, so did he points an accusatory finger:
We can't all be trolling millionaires!
Walker: "The Obama administration has had plenty of advance notice about the King v. Burwell decision and the potential outcomes, but it seems the President's only plan is to continue pointing his finger at the states for a problem he created. Just last week, Secretary Burwell was in Wisconsin. She could have used the opportunity to tell Wisconsin residents how the federal government is going to solve its Obamacare mess, but instead she promoted the use of 'free' Obamacare services." 
Walker clearly states his intention, and that is to kill "ObamaCare." But the idea it would put patients back in charge is ridiculous; it puts insurance companies back in charge, to do whatever they want, and you won't have the marketplace competition to lower prices. You also won't have the ability to compare prices in one place. 
Walker: "It's clear Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with a plan that puts patients and their families back in charge." 
Walker is fully aware of the possible carnage resulting from his decision. This monster won't lift a finger to prevent it. It's justifiable collateral damage to Walker. Point made:
Walker: "If the ruling goes against the Obama administration, roughly 6 million people nationwide, including 184,000 in my home state, could lose their health insurance without immediate action by the President to work with Congress. This is a big problem." 
It should be a big problem for Walker, who chose not to take any leadership. And the failed experiment of the for-profit, insurance based, health care industry?
Walker: "Will the President admit his failure, and prevent millions from losing health insurance by acting to repeal and replace his failed experiment?" 
This arrogant authoritarian coward doesn't begin to see his own penchant for finger pointing, which is already ridiculous:
Walker: "So far, the only answer Americans have had from the President is finger pointing." 
Summing it up, Walker states clearly the punishment for not following this countries strict conservative guideline:
Walker: "We will not bail out Obama at the expense of the American people.  We will not set up state exchanges under the rules of Obamacare. That plan should be to repeal and replace Obamacare and put patients back in charge of health care for themselves and their families."
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