Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Walker tantrum finds way to “avoid” future lies like PM Cameron's: keep things Secret!

The “Cameron Lie” heard around the world didn’t embarrass Scott Walker, instead, it gave him a dangerously devious idea. Walker wants to use the “Cameron Lie” as a way to seize the moment to justify a strong but secretive U.S. government, where nothing passes through the media filter. Well, you saw what happened with Cameron?   

Stamping his feet, our poor thin skinned victim of the media Scott Walker declared, enough is enough. jsonline:
Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday he won't be talking anymore about his private meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron or ones with other world leaders after Cameron's office said the prime minister had not said that. Walker said he had learned from that incident and wouldn't be doing it anymore.

"I'm just not going to comment on individual meetings I had with leaders like that, be it there or anyone else. That's something I'm not going to do going forward." 

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