Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jeb Bush takes aim at a solution for our Gun Problem, and misses. Also proposes high deductible GOP health care system.

Preventing Mass Killings: This really is the Republican plan to stop all the random mass killings plaguing the U.S..  You'll sleep easier now?

Jeb Bush is not pushing any of those highly popular common sense regulations that poll well. Just short of introducing a secret water filled pool of "precogs," Bush wants to set up a "precrime" system targeting people with "potential:"

AP: New gun control measures are not the way to prevent mass killings such as the shooting deaths of nine people in a South Carolina church ... Jeb Bush said Saturday identifying potentially violent people before they commit such crimes is a better approach than further restrictions on gun ownership.

"We as a society better figure out how we identify these folks long before they feel compelled to take up a gun and kill innocent people."
Yes, the plot behind the movie Minority Report is the answer. Like Ayn Rand's fictional plot line that envisions a free market system of government, Bush is borrowing from Philip Dick's popular science fiction book that uses precog mutants. 

Costly Health Care: While Republican whine and complain about costly high deductible plans on the health care exchanges, they're cluelessly pushing...I'm not kidding you, high deductible health care plans with no subsidies. Catastrophic insurance. Are they even listening to themselves talk?
Bush said he would repeal the health care law if elected, replacing it with high-deductible, low-premium catastrophic coverage. 
These plans start low but rise very quickly, I know, I had them for years. I saw increases of over 30% a year, making those premiums not so low. In fact, insurers gave you the alternative to lower your premium by increasing your deductible. Mine deductible climbed to over $11,000 before I got out.

Nice plan.

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