Monday, June 29, 2015

Republicans make prevailing wage invisible!!!

Republicans have already come right out and said they want to lower wages and get rid of the prevailing wage law. That’s the GOP’s version of stimulating the state’s economy, cutting wages. 
jsonline: The state would roll back the minimum pay requirements for construction workers on three-fifths of the public works projects that now have them, under legislation unveiled by Assembly Republicans Monday.
But this upside down, inside out one party joke gets even more ridiculous, as Republicans once again twist themselves into a pretzel so they can stick it to the unions.
The bill would exempt certain information collected as part of the prevailing wage system from the state's open records law.
Why would Republicans hide such information? Living up to his reputation for being the legislatures biggest asshole, Rep. Robin Vos gleefully took the unions out:
Vos said that was an attempt to thwart unions who use that data to argue that contractors and local governments may not be correctly complying with the prevailing wage law.
Wow, a big win for Republicans, while no one really has to own up to what they are really paying.  

But just to make sure it's completely invisible, Vos included this outrageous “wink and a nod” and wave of his magic wand:
No longer require contractors to sign affidavits stating they had complied with the law.  

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