Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pentagon can't find Trillions of Dollars, Republicans want to give them more with no offset.

Our mighty Republican warriors are always talking about increasing Pentagon funding, as if that's the test of our patriotism and strength.

But as the video here explains, the Pentagon is a GOP black hole for taxpayer money. This is an old CBS News broadcast that warns us all that things will only get worse.

Here's why I thought it was important to mention this:
The Hill: The House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday advanced a $579 billion bill to fund the Pentagon in fiscal 2016, which begins Oct. 1. Republicans are proposing to circumvent budget caps that are set to return in October by boosting the Pentagon’s war fund to $88 billion, about $38 billion above President Obama’s own request. The additional funds are not offset.
The funds are not offset, even though most of that money will disappear with no trace. You really won't believe this; the Pentagon lost track of $2.3 trillion...TRILLION:

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