Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blissful “Stand with Walker” voters love 35th place for Job Creation, last place for business startups, broken jobs promise. Forward?

You have to wonder what it is about Scott Walker that makes these hapless dupes...happy.

It’s amazing how much slack republican voters give their “leaders.” And why isn't Walker a little pissed about falling hook-line-and-sinker for overblown CEO promises of "job creation." They're still laughing and still getting him to jump when told. 

But we can now see what Scott Walker’s record is, and it’s not the kind of performance you'd like to see on a resume, especially for president. 

Lets make a comparison; here's what Walker did during the economic recovery, and what Obama did:
jsonline: In the four years from 2011-'14, when the United States (Obama) posted a 9.3% gain in private-sector jobs, Wisconsin (Walker) created jobs at a rate of 5.7%, an increase that gives Wisconsin a rank of 35th among the 50 states in the pace of job creation in the full four years of Gov. Scott Walker's first term.
And it's only getting worse..
Wisconsin's private-sector job growth ranked 38th in the country last year, trailing the national average.
But what about Obama's failed stimulus, and Walker's big bold tax and spending cuts?
By the end of 2014Wisconsin (Walker) had failed numerically to return to its pre-recession employment peaks, before the financial market meltdown in mid-2008. By contrast, the United States (Obama) had regained and exceeded its pre-recession employment peaks by the end of 2014.

By December 2014, Wisconsin posted 2,400,139 private-sector jobs, still below 2,412,898 in December 2007.

In the four-year periodWisconsin landed in last place among its peer states in the Midwest, which share a common economy of factory cities and farm towns. Wisconsin's 35th job-creation ranking trails Michigan (10); Indiana (18); Minnesota (23); Ohio (25); Iowa (31) and Illinois (33). 
When he first ran for governor, Walker staked his candidacy on a pledge to generate 250,000 new private-sector jobs and repeatedly drew attention to his jobs target. The final government figure reported in those four years amounted to 129,154.

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  1. Walker obviously gets an F for job growth at 51%, but hey maybe he thinks that's good enough, which is why he never graduated from college.