Monday, June 29, 2015

Republicans in Kansas got caught violating the state constitution with cuts to school funding.

I know, they love the constitution…until they don’t. Then it’s time to change it or get around it.

They also don’t want to be on the hook if more kids go to school. No really, they said that.
AP: A district court panel in Kansas declared Friday that key parts of a new state law for funding public schools violate the state constitution and ordered an immediate increase in aid. Shawnee County District Court would force the state to provide between $46 million and $54 million in extra aid next week, distributing the money under an old formula that legislators junked.
But why did Kansas Gov. Brownback and GOP legislators hate the old formula? You won’t believe it…
The GOP-dominated Legislature disliked the old formula partly because it automatically left the state on the hook for additional spending if schools gained students, if more students had special needs or even if districts had major building projects.
In any other world people having families that send more kids to school would be a good thing. Not in Kansas. And ouch, more special needs kids.
"The opinion itself is, to put it as kindly as possible, utter nonsense," Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, a Nickerson Republican said. Top Republicans also described the decision as highly political.
Those are reasons?
John Robb, a Newton attorney representing four school districts said, "The Legislature continues to try to skirt the constitution and not fund schools."

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