Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Walker loses construction jobs at start of construction season, Wisconsin now in bottom half of job growth rankings.

It's funny, I never get "stand with Walker" troll comments with stories like big deal to them?
Cap Times: Wisconsin lost 6,100 private-sector jobs in May according to preliminary estimates, pushing the state into the bottom half of the country in job growth rankings … private-sector jobs in the 12-month period ending in May gave Wisconsin 1.57 percent growth, 33rd among the 50 states.

It's the lowest ranking for the state since September, when Wisconsin was 36th in year-over-year job growth in the Bureau of Labor Statistics' seasonally adjusted Current Employment Statistics figures.

Of the 6,100 jobs lost in the state between April and May, 4,000 were in construction, a job sector that has enjoyed fairly stable growth.
Of course Walker has also done the impossible; lost construction jobs in spring, at the beginning of the construction season.

Unemployment UP: But technically, if you include the non-participation rate of those not looking or who are barely employed...Trump said it best...(seriously though, it's usually about twice the reported rate):

Wisconsin's unemployment rate grew to 4.6 percent; it was at 4.4 percent in April.

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