Wednesday, June 24, 2015

GOP rejects CDC Gun Violence Prevention funding; "Prevent data collection that could...result in future policy." What we don't know...?

You would think that something as dangerous as a gun would prompt lawmakers to make sure the public is protected from their misuse.

Nope. In fact, Republican lawmakers made sure Americans will not be protected, secure or safe.

Mind boggling as this might seem, Republicans not only blocked gun research from happening, they blew everybody’s mind with this shocking conclusion. The Hill:
“The restriction is to prevent activity that would undertake activities (to include data collection) for current or future research, including under the title 'gun violence prevention,' that could be used in any manner to result in a future policy, guidelines, or recommendations to limit access to guns, ammunition, or to create a list of gun owners,” the report says.
WTF? As a parent and longtime adult, I’ve never seen anything this irresponsible.

What, ban “gun violence prevention” research because a person has right to own a gun? OWNING a gun does not preclude rules for safe use or making the public safer. 
“That convoluted argument is an insult to this committee,” Rep. David Price (D-N.C.) said. “It borders on the paranoid.”
It is paranoid. The proposal would have reversed a 20 year ban on funding the research written by former Rep. Jay Dickey back in 1996, who now supports the funding. Yes, he’s changed his mind, based on overwhelming evidence we need to find a way to stop the killing. 


  1. Talk about paranoid. It's the gun! It's the gun! Soooo scary! So dangerous!

    Not as dangerous as an angry crowd of progressives who get so frustrated they have to attack somebody physically who is just trying to talk to them.

    Have you ever actually read the U.S. Constitution? Obviously not since you don't understand anything in there. Maybe you should stop over reacting with your emotions all the time. It's getting pretty old.

    1. Maybe you should stop dividing our communities and try to be respectful of differing opinions. My first amendment right to freedom of speech is just as valid as your right to own a gun.

      You are out of line. What you fail to realize is your tone is hateful, just like gun fan Mr. Roof in SC. Get a gun but like you worked up enough and who knows what you'll do. The problem is there are those of us who are civilized and prefer to use words and logic to work out problems. People like you use hate and guns.

  2. John you're such an extremist. I dedicate this one to you...

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