Sunday, June 7, 2015

Scott Walker's Broken Jobs Promise wasn't his only failure. It's promises kept....

ABC's Jonathan Karl just gave America a glimpse at the slippery, topic-shifting master Scott Walker at work.

So what about Walker's miserable jobs record, where he only managed half of the 250,000 promised jobs? Oh, but the unemployment rate is down. Huh? It turned out, Walker was just promising to "aiming high." Got it.
Karl: "That was a central promise you fell significant short, so should we expect you to fall short in the promises you're making now?"

Walker: "No, when you look at all the other promises.."
So how did all those other promises work out?

Walker lowered property taxes each year? So that's why we can't pay our bills anymore, prompting massive cuts to the UW, defunding state parks, cutting the already short staffed DNR, and the inability to fund the transportation department. And that of course explains the "budget surpluses," only after dismantling everything the public has investment money in over a last 50 years. And can we really count a $5 property tax cut?

Walker froze tuition, which solved that did?

Walker even claimed schools are better. Oh sure, after local referendums pass to make up for budget shortfalls, staff turnover, teacher bidding, rural school closings, lost voucher revenue, larger classes, fewer subjects, lost high school college credits, student fee increases, deferred building maintenance, and passing on school accountability again...etc.

And we're not evening counting his failure as CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Tanked big time (here's the latest).

The best list of Walker's mismanagement and failed promises can be found here, at The Political Environment. If this is Walker's record as governor, so far, can you imagine the chaos we would see with him as president? This cartoon continues to haunt me:

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