Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Walker's Reason to Oppose Equal Pay: It pits one group (women) against another (men)!!! He's serious.

It's hard to imagine conflating the fight for equal pay with "pit(ing) one group of Americans versus another."

But that's what Scott Walker did on a right wing Boston Herald Radio Show last week, conveniently "forgetting" how he did just that with public workers. You can actually see and hear him saying "divide and conquer" in the video below. So, does that "pit one group of Americans versus another?

Right Wing Watch: Gov. Scott Walker attacked Hillary Clinton for her advocacy for equal pay legislation, saying that she was trying to “pit one group of Americans versus another.”
“But I think even a bigger issue than that,” he said, “and this is sadly something that would make her consistent with the president, and that is I believe that the president and now Hillary Clinton tend to think that politically they do better if they pit one group of Americans versus another.”

He said that, in contrast, “Americans are hungry” for leaders who will “make every American’s life better” rather than those who want to “pit one group against another group out there.”
Did Scott Walker just talk himself out of a job? 

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