Sunday, June 14, 2015

Paul Ryan gets his ass handed to him....

Paul Ryan continues to get away with his horrific plan for health care, thanks to a very lazy media.

Fox News' Chris Wallace tried and failed to get Ryan to divulge his secret "health care surprise," and there's a reason for that; no ones going to like what he has planned. And yes, he's going to force it down our throats, a take it or leave deal. Here's the general idea.

Ryan treats health care like a consumer product because he sees it as a part of the insurance industry. It's neither. 

For example, in Wisconsin Scott Walker actually said the poor should be in the exchange so they could shop for insurance. That's right, people just over the poverty line, must contribute to an insurers bottom line. Medicaid (BadgerCare) gets in the way of corporate profits.

YOU MUST SEE THIS!!! See the real Paul Ryan! I've watch and edited a lot Paul Ryan videos, but this is the first time I've seen him act like this. The word belligerent comes to mind.

1. Ryan wants health care "freedom:" HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell cleared up that misdirection play by saying the marketplace offers private sector free market insurers, and their plans. And 20% more insurers came into the marketplace, offering more choices.

2. Ryan subtly suggests the supreme court might deem the exchanges are not CONSTITUTIONAL: Sec. Burwell had to correct our policy wonk by saying the tax credit, not the constitutionality of the ACA, is before the court. Ryan still didn't get it, apparently, when he said "you're not going to answer the question are you?"

3. Ryan tried to preempt what he knows will be a simple Democratic bill and solution that would strike the four words from the ACA. Stirring up phony outrage, Ryan predicted Obama will say "It's my way or the highway." No, just strike the controversial four words.

When Ryan was done, Rep. Sander Levin responded methodically, in the most remarkable way to Ryan, addressing every point. See Ryan ignore him and carry on a conversation with someone behind Levin while he was speaking. See smarty pants Ryan leaning way back in his chair with a big smirk on his face, appearing to humor the Democratic response:

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