Thursday, June 4, 2015

State Republicans give Men the right to sue over Abortions, and take the word of cherry picked doctors over major Medical groups opposed to 20 wk abortion bill.

The instinctively brutal and punishing nature of the republican party is on full display now, and the state Capitol has never felt more repressive. The vicious attack on women's health choices borders on religious fundamentalism.

And Democrats, while putting up a great fight, failed to mention this important part of the 20 week abortion ban. Oops?:
Rolling Stone: Men can sue abortion providers for "emotional and psychological distress," The Huffington Post reports ... citing Guttmacher Institute data, "6 of the 11 states that currently ban abortion at 20 weeks post-fertilization -- Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma -- have similar language tucked into their respective laws that allow the parents to sue a doctor who performs an abortion after that point."
Sure it's unconstitutional, but that's the point. Republicans want to take this to the activist conservative supreme court, where outcomes are pretty easy to predict:
Twenty-week abortion bans are unconstitutional because they ban abortion before the point of fetal viability (today, considered to be around 24 weeks' gestation), the standard established for legal abortion in Roe v. Wade in 1973. As such, these bills, which have been enacted in over a dozen states and blocked in three, are designed to directly challenge Roe and ultimately end legal abortion in the United States.
Here's coverage from Madison's WISC and WKOW newscasts, along with a frightening Q&A showing the arrogance and callousness of the bills supporters:

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