Thursday, January 31, 2013

Will Walker give up even more Jobs Turning down Medicaids expansion?

While Scott Walker fiddles away his time pretending to think deeply about whether he will expand Medicaid in Wisconsin, another state has done its homework and found a massive silver lining.

Keep in mind, Walker's own secret analysis of the costs related to expanding Medicaid were written by a vocal opponent of health care reform, Dennis Smith.
jsonline: Dennis Smith, the point man on health care for Gov. Scott Walker's administration, argued that the federal law commonly called Obamacare will cost Wisconsin taxpayers more than it will save through an expansion of joint state and federal Medicaid health programs for the poor. That's because it won't provide enough additional reimbursement to the state to cover the full number of people … Supporters of the health care law responded that Smith is ignoring both cost savings of the law and its benefits to the state's uninsured citizens and health care providers.
But oddly another state has found just the opposite would happen, along with the addition of big jobs numbers:
Progressive Pulse: A presentation on the costs of NC’s Medicaid expansion is here.  The business consultants’ cost analysis is here.  Key findings are that if NC expands Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act we will:
1.  Create approximately 25,000 new jobs according to an independent consultant’s report.

2.  Increase annual state GDP by $1.3 – $1.7 billion a year.

3.  Increase total state revenues by $497 million by 2021.

4.  Save $159 million over the next two years JUST BY EXPANDING MEDICAID  (and $65 million overall for the next 10 years.)
This is how Walker ran Milwaukee County, and it nearly went bankrupt. By the way, the Obama administration is allowing states to charge a deductable to low income Medicaid recipients now.

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