Thursday, January 24, 2013

Filibuster Reform Dead!

Sen. Harry Reid cut a deal with Mitch McConnell that essentially changes nothing about the filibuster in the Senate. This is soooo Democratic Party-ish. Reid couldn't get even 51 votes. Who were the hold backs, the supporters of gridlock?

Worst case most likely scenario; Obama's second term will be held up in the senate and the house. Nothing will get done.

Then, the gerrymandered electoral college will keep any future Democratic president out of office, which will result in the dismantling of all our safety nets, worker rights and the ushering in on conservative social issues. An authoritarian one party system will reign. Poverty will return to pre-30's levels, spending cuts will continue, as labor is pushed into minimum wage jobs. Free market health care will stiff their customers at every turn, and bankruptcy will run rampant until Republicans make that impossible to declare too.

All because Democrats blew their time in power. What in gods name are they waiting for. Sure we got health care, but for how long, once Republican gerrymandering takes over?

Here's Ed Schultz expressing his own frustration:

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