Thursday, January 17, 2013

Republican Sen. Ellis tries novel approach, local control, choice and vote.

There are a few Republicans who haven’t shown any signs of authoritarianism, like Sen. Mike Ellis. Hell, he sounds almost liberal suggesting local communities should be given the choice to include vouchers or not in their school systems. I almost spit out my coffee:
WSJ/AP: Republican state Senate President Mike Ellis says he will oppose any expansion of school vouchers in Wisconsin unless local residents are first required to vote on such a move.

Ellis (said) he has made it known that he will block any expansion of the program without that element. Gov. Scott Walker has said he wants to expand the program, but he has not said whether he would include the local vote requirement. Ellis says he will introduce a bill requiring a petition to be circulated in the local school district to allow vouchers. If enough signatures are gathered, a vote would be scheduled.

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