Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Republicans do Rush Job on important mining bill.

Senator Dale Schultz call the new mining bill worse than the original one he voted against last year. A few state Republicans say enough is enough, the mining bill"s" have been discussed for over a year, it's time to move on. Yet all those discussions were about other mining bills, and not this one.

Like a kangaroo court, Republican cut off questions to the bills authors. Nice meeting huh?

From WISC and WKOW:

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  1. As one of the scientists testified today, this is low-grade ore, difficult to extract and the iron ore market is tanking. She was very surprised that Gogebic would want this mine at all...there's a reason no one has gone after this mine before. Why are they pushing so hard?

    And with all the promises of legal trouble with the tribes and the Army Corps of Engineers (among others) foretells that this mine will not be built even if the law is approved.

    So stop dreaming of jobs, which that area desperately needs. What is this really about? Perhaps it is really about weakening Wisconsin's admirable environmental standards for other projects.

    Don't put anything past these schemers. But don't cling to the fantasy that this is a jobs bill.