Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ed Garvey shoots Democrats in Foot, agrees with the right wings wacky Media Trackers.

Ed Garvey has been soaking up attention for a long time all because he's organized Fighting Bob Fest, a great event and something he should be proud of. Sad to say, it's time to hang up those now clueless opinions. Not completely mind you, but when it comes to current issues, he's not connecting as much anymore.

The recent cheap shot and false premise from the losers at Media Trackers over Democratic Party of Wisconsin's Graeme Zielinski's tweet is understandable, but for Garvey to agree with unconscionable bumbling.

Adding insult to injury, Garvey fed into the tea party sausage machine by not only encouraging their ridiculous behavior, but made Media Trackers look like a credible participant in the political debate.

Here's what Media Trackers used to make a case for their false premise, thanks to Garvey:
In light of Zielinski’s supposed pro-life opinion, blogger and founder of Fighting Bob Fest Ed Garveyblogged that Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate ought to ask for Zielinski’s resignation if this was indeed Graeme’s position on abortion.
Apparently Garvey’s demand for a resignation got Zielinski’s attention, who posted this response in the comments.
And you wonder why many Wisconsin Democrats today, can't tie their shoes. Here's Graeme's response:


  1. I would have expected Garvey's response to this from a social conservative, but not from him. There are lots of things that I personally or through my own "religion" object to, but would defend another's constitutional right to exercise. Yes, I don't like buttermilk, but others should have the right to drink it if they so choose. I also suspect there are plenty of Christian liberals and progressives who object personally to abortion, but they vote their conscience not to impose their beliefs on others. Isn't that a major part of being "not a nutjob." Oh well, Garvey's not perfect.

  2. Garvey isn't perfect, but Graeme reflected the party "choice" agenda, and Garvey missed it completely.

    It's moments like this that give the right wing crazies strength.

  3. Democrats need to think twice before tweeting or opening their mouths. We must be united publicly.