Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Former Walker Chief of Staff gets 2 years for Robbing Veterans for Vacation Trips.

Who does Scott Walker trust most? Thugs and scumbags, that's who. He knows how to pick em. And yet, with all the charges and convictions surrounding him, Scott Walker was clueless.

Can you imagine if this had happened to former governor Jim Doyle? It almost did:

jsonline-Dan Bice: Should the sins of political aides be visited upon their bosses? Gov. Scott Walker used to think so - when he was a candidate running for the office he now holds. In a 2006 news release, Walker blasted then-Gov. Jim Doyle when a state employee named Georgia Thompson was indicted on federal corruption charges.

"Unfortunately, we have a Governor and administration that condones unethical and illegal behavior," Walker said in a statement on Jan. 24, 2006. "The people of Wisconsin deserve better."

A three-judge panel later reversed the decision, saying Thompson had been wrongly convicted. One of the judges said that "the evidence is beyond thin."

So, is Walker's statement from 2006 coming back to haunt him? Of course not. Republicans love the military, they can't stop talking about our heroic veterans. But who decided to rob from our vets? Scumbag Walker aide Tim Russell:

jsonline: Timothy Russell, a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker, was sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison and five years on probation for stealing more than $21,000 from a veterans organization Walker named him to lead. Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf said Russell had "a serious character flaw with regard to honesty and integrity."

Russell stole $5,000 from Operation Freedom on Dec. 31, 2009 - the first day he had control of the organization's bank account. Russell used the cash for two cruises, a political trip to Atlanta and to purchase Internet domain names for Walker's campaign for governor. Russell stole smaller sums from two Milwaukee County Board candidates while managing their campaign accounts were dropped.

Landgraf criticized Russell for complaining in his presentence report that politics played a role in his prosecution through the long-standing John Doe investigation that led to charges against five others.

Russell becomes the second close former aide to Walker convicted of a felony while in office. Kelly Rindfleisch, who succeeded Russell as deputy chief of staff at the county, was sentenced in November to six months in jail and probation for doing political fundraising while at her county job. Darlene Wink, Walker's constituent services director at the county, was sentenced in January to a year's probation on a misdemeanor charge for doing campaign fundraising in 2009 while at her county job. Former railroad executive William Gardner was given two years of probation for making illegal campaign donations to Walker.

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