Monday, January 28, 2013

Sheriff Clarke is one scary gun carrying fanatic.

Wisconsin is getting more embarrassing press! We're turning out to be the home of more and more mindless Republican lunacy, from Scott Walker, Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald, Dumb Ron Johnson, Lyin' Paul Ryan and the vigilante justice prescribed by Sheriff David Clarke.

As if to make a point by rubbing gun lunacy in the face of a frustrated public, state Republican legislators are now pushing a bill to allow off duty and retired law enforcement officers to carry guns anywhere. That would include no gun zones like schools and posted businesses.

So imagine a retired paranoid authoritarian know-it-all like Sheriff Clarke bringing his tough vision of vigilante justice into a school or business near you, knowing that state law protects his right to act like he's still getting paid by the public to scare people to death. Beautiful.

Here's Fox 6's coverage, and CNN's Soledad O'Brien with Clarke:

jsonline: O'Brien began the interview with a clip of Clarke's call-to-arms radio spot from last week. "Wow. Wow," she said. "What's the goal in this? Because it's kind of scary. Is it to scare people? Is it to get everybody to run out and buy a gun?"

Clarke, who was interviewed from Monterey, Calif., where he was attending a conference, said the only scary thing is the criminal element. "Once the wolf is at the door. Once the intruder is inside your home. Once you're on the street and someone sticks a gun in your face to take your car or your wallet, you don't have the option of calling 911." 
While conservatives like Clarke want to cut everything except their idea of a police state, their motives are less than pure by trying to arm citizens to carry out their fear mongered vigilante system of justice: 
When asked for details about layoffs in his department, Clarke said he has 350 sworn officers and last year he had to lay off 42 people.

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